Bathing Dogs in the Alaska Winter

You know you have been living in the cold for too long when you can say that 20f is a warm day!

Our dogs had not been bathed for quite a while due to the extream weather, and the basement was starting to stink and the dogs fur felt quite grimy.

Well, if you would like to know how to give a dog it’s much needed bath in the middle of winter (and don’t want your bathroom all stinking and went) here is an experience for you!

I filled up a big plastic bin in the shower of hot/warm water. If we though hauling it outside was the hard part, we were in for more!
Getting the dog in, and to STAY in the bin was the hard part! Aren’t labs supposed to love water? Especially WARM water??
Here face in all these pictures! 😀
One person soaped and scrubbed the dog while the other person held the dog in.
Hazel & Mocha did [thankfully] calm down a bit when they got a “fulll body massage”
The tub was too small to rinse them in, and all the water too soapy; so I had to scrub snow all over them. That was too slow.
We had to locate the hose from under the snow; untangle it from its ice bed, thaw it out with buckets of the warm soapy water—before it finally turned on!
We weren’t worried about the water being too cold, as the dogs swim in -20f ice water down at the river!
But let’s just say, the dogs don’t like the sound of the hissing hose.
Both dogs got a nice towel-rub afterwards, the basement no longer stinks, and they are nice to let once again! 👍🏻

In the end, I ended up smelling worse than the dogs! But it was a funny experience, and hope that the dogs don’t require another bathing until Spring!

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7 thoughts on “Bathing Dogs in the Alaska Winter”

  1. This is hilarious! I can picture it all. My daughter has a choc Lab too. Actually sister to Shadow. Her Lab looks a whole lot like yours. Face, look, and everything. My daughter is actually how I found out about the pups. She bought one first, and then later I decided to get the last pup. But wow! What a battle that was!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂 This was pretty crazy indeed! And the dogs are needing another bath…. thong I think I’m just gonna wait for the spring, as it’s almost here 😂😂
      Really? About Shadow, that’s sooo neat!! So was the mother chocolate or black?


      1. You know, I’d have to ask my daughter. I never actually went to the home. My daughter was more than willing to go and see what was left. And when she called saying only one was left, all black and nicknamed Hoss, I said, Get her. LOL.

        Liked by 1 person

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