North Star

Star so bright; star so white // Will you lead me home tonight?

I’ve been locked to these bitter walls/ These chains have bound, my ancestors for far too long

Oh star so bright; star so white // They say you’ll guide me home tonight

My back is red; flowing in passion // Husband of my heart; swing’in on the hang’in tree

Star so bright; oh star so white // Massa says you’re a curse at night

When the coco whistles, my babie’s, they’ll be free / No longer bound; under the sun

Star so birthright; star so white // The moon is shining in your light

My meal is running with worms // Oh from the day’s toil my shoulders do burn

The owl screeches, my babies are warm

Oh star, I am counting on you tonight

This poem is, obviously, about a slave mama during the 1800’s, waiting for the call of those in the woods who will guide her and her children to freedom, and the north. The slaves said, that if you look to the handle of the big dipper in the sky, you’ll find the North Star; and if you keep following it, it’ll guid you to freedom, the North.

Just like how the North Star guided slaves across states and captains through perilous seas, Jesus is waiting there to guid us through our lives. One day, the North Star may burn out, but Jesus is everlasting; with palms wide open for us to grasp and hold close as we walk; they’ll hold you so you can’t trip or fall.

I wanted to portray the Mother in my poem with my photography; however, I did not have the right makeup or editing tools to make Glorianna appear black; so I have tried a new approach, using an oil pant look after I have used all the makeup I could play with. The links will be below.

Her fingers were dark and stained after this, and the chains probably weighed five/ ten pounds; emagine thise dangling from single fingers!
I asked her to think of all the emotions and things that the Mother was going though in my poem, and put them onto her face. I really think Glory portrait it well.

Glory was very strong to not only bear with me as I took 50 pictures of her, but also to hold these truck tire chains up in the air!

As you can tell, I did not have the correct makeup to properly cover her arms and hands, and I had to use programmed makeup and contacts for the face. However, the emotion is still plain.

A birds nest, no longer used, was perched on a ladder.

The rope here, is supposed to portray the Massa’s whip.

Glory was holding the chains down by her waits here, but when zoomed in, it appears her wrists are tied.

Re-done in oil-paint
Here, I was able to use an app that almost could do the colors correctly, but i is very glitchy. Will link below. 🙂
Thank you so so much to The Art of Life for spending an hour editing this picture for me! It’s utterly amazing!
Thank you again Art Of Life for taking my idea and creating it!

The caption texts below the images are for you to know the stories behind the photography so that you can see how simple it is to use your own imagination!

My sister, The Art Of Life on WordPress:

For the face and contacts, I used the app, YouCam Makeup:

For the little bit of darkness added to the arms, neck and fingers, I used the Airbrush app:

For the oil paint and water looks, I used the app, Skin Tones, which can be found in the App Store.

For the darker skin, I used an app called Selfie Editor:

For the night sky and star, the app used is:

Apps to use When Wanting Background Blur

Eventhough you can capture background blurring when taking the actual photo, sometimes it is just not enough. Want a simply easy way to blur on your devices that only take a minute? Here you are….

PicMonkey app is the best one I have found so far.
Snapseed is very simple, yet professional.
I used Blur app here.

Other apps you can use are:



-Blur Photo

-Blur photo 2



CBesides these apps, most photpgraphers use PaintShop pro. However, you have to pay for it; and these apps are free. Hope this helps!

How to Edit Using PhotoRus

Want to know how to edit your photos with natural makeup, add light without all the hard formats and good filters and a natural looking face? Join me in using the PhotoRus app! (You can get on your iPad or iPhone in the AppStore)

Open PhotoRus and select “beauty” then select a photo
Select “Auto Retouch” for airbrush (the airbrush on PhotoRus tends to add too much white to the faces so I usually use Airbrush app instead and then finish editing up here on PhotoRus.)

Select which number best cleans the face without adding too much white.
Dont worry about getting all the marks off of the face, you will do that in another section, this just gets most of it away to save time and softens the face. Click the check mark when you are finished.
Next select “blemeshes”
Select “manual”
Zoom into the part (s) of the face that you want to touch-up. Tap on the marks you wan to remove to remove them. You can select different sizes of removal by selecting one of the dots below near the check mark. Remove all the spots you desire and select done.
Tip: the dot I have already selected would probably be the best size as the bigger ones leave “folds” on the skin.
Now we are going to use “eyebag” to clear up the face and remove eye bags as they can be unprofessional in proper model/ photography
Again select “manual”

Swipe along the face to remove “blemishes” and the rim below the eye bag to remove.
Select “cleareyes” and “manual”
Swipe along the mouth to darken and shine without having to add manual makeup and ending up with something that does not look real.
Swip other parts of tha face, hair or other desired places to make the, stand out much more. You should also swirl on the eyes once or twice to make them stand out more.
Outline the person or object in the picture several times to make it stand out more than the background. You’ll want to select the bigger circle for this. I, myself, really like using this feature.
Tip: try not to draw on the actual photo so you don’t get a dark line along it.
If you want, you can select “makeup” and add some.
Remeber: just be careful to make sure it looks real!
I will sometimes fill in the brows if they are not already done.
Add a bit more lash if you desire, to bring out the eye.
If the “airbrush” has whitened the face too much, add some darker “foundation” to return the face to its original color. Just be careful-this can all make the face look too painted and fake! The foundation also darken the ENTIRE photo.
Now we have our before and…
This phot does have a metal-tintid look (what I wanted) to it and is obviously not real. You can tone down the “cleareye” to take away some of it though.

So PhotoRus isn’t the best or my favorite to use on faces, though the “eyebag” is the best out of all the apps I have used before and I always use it for the feature. The “cleareye” I also use all the time and I have to say it does improve your photos.

Read my other blog posts to find apps that better fix up and improve your photos!