My Life as a Photographer

Life’s a journey and an adventure, make memories from it! ~ Grace Tiberend

Hey reader, welcome to my photography spot!

I am a freelancing photographer and writer who’s always on the lookout for new photo shoots and a new story. The world is full of insparation— we just have to have our eyes open wide enough to see it! I hardly go anywhere without my Canon Rebel or Nikon Coolpix or pen and paper, so as not to miss a moment of it! (That includes two road trips across the States and Canada.) I am avid about history, so I mainly write Historical Fiction and WWII novels and poems.
Besides that; I absolutely adore the outdoors, (including the mountains of Alaska where I live!) animals (I have two chocolate labs and a cat) sports ( it changes depending on where I’m living), dance (including baton, tap and figure skating) spreading the love and light of Jesus EVERYWHERE I go, and chocolate and peanutbutter. (😜)

I enjoy creating and online art, so if you need someone to create:
-business cards, t-shirts, logos (business merchandise)
-edit your photos and videos
-writing protects & reviews
And other projects, you can visit my profile, or hire me on @Grace T.
Also find me on @Grace Tiberend

I hope you enjoy my blogs of photography tips, photo shoots, stories, how to edit using photo apps —and much more! I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Grace Tiberend 💜