Remembering the Age of my Snow Camera

I was wondering yesterday, is it possible to walk outside, without a coat, into 32f, and say it is warm out?

For us Alaskans, I suppose it is, as we are seeing signs of spring! The snow is melting, ice is falling from the roofs like cannon shots; rivers are filling to their brims and all the roads are sopping wet. The grey days of winter are slowly fading into hide for next year, and spring’s sun is jumping up!

I wanted to remember my very first year of official photography and all the snowy scenes I’ve learned to capture in a trillion different ways; and share them with ya’ll!

Get ready for a major Winter Blowout!

This picture reminds me of C.S Lesis’ book, Till We Have Faces. Except I think of it as, Bald Face!

Soft, wet snow was gently dripping from branches and dear’s antlers. (Okay, I didn’t see the antler part… but, hey!)

Some of you’ll remember this beauty from an earlier blog post, “Winter photography (and funny stories!)”

Snowflakes from the ears.

Trying a mystical perspective, but I think we need hair extensions!

Trees really do make the best props!

Soft hair swinging with an equally soft breeze.

Golden cuties 🙂

Deciding whether I should eat this one as well or not.

This one is from earlier in 2018, when the snow was just starting to decend down to us.

Whistling winter tunes.

You might remember these from my very first blog post, “Backyard Winter Photo shoot.”

For Christmas, my sisters and I took some of the younger kids out to do a red-hatted and red-lipped photo shoot.

Light is often very dark during winter, so I had to borrow some from the iPad…

**No sisters were hurt in the making of this photo**

Tak’in on the world like…

This broken windo is the only remaining thing of a once house or shack on a wooden slab. It is embedded on a little sand barrier out in the middle of the river. During the winter, when all the water freezes or disintegrates, we’re bake to walk out on to it… and take pictures!!

Facing the unknown while others watch through a lense.

Faces of winter, that you can find in other blog posts of mine for the whole stories. 🙂

Ice coming down from the mountains, causing the rivers to freeze earlier in the year.

Thank you to Glorianna (left) for being my main model, and bearing with me in all my crazy ideas! Thank you so much Joy (right) (The Art of Life) for taking all the pictures of me and encouraging all my crazy looks and bad modeling!

Well, if you made it down this far, congratulations!! That was almost EIGHTY pictures of mine. I hope you enjoyed, and can now look foreword to some spring photography!

Thank you to The Eclectic Contrarian for this WINDERFUL IDEA!

Joy’s blog on WordPress at:

Thank you to :// ,for re-blogging so many of my posts so that others can experience Christ’s light! You hilarious personality and zeal for Christ makes your blogs an extream read and epic adventure worth every letter!

Thank you to Vanessa Williams for nominating me over and over for contests and challenges! You don’t know how sweet it is.

Back-yard Winter Photoshoot

What better way to start off the new year with a winter photo shoot? 

What to do to do for this easy back yard shoot:

-Models: myself and my sister

-Rummage through your wardrobe and try mixing & matching to find the look you are feeling for your photos

-I was able to do this shoot in 20 minutes, so we didn’t have to bundle up much. If it is too cold for you outside, you can wrap up, then remove your layers before taking the picture.

-Tramp through your backyard, or woods, and look around for the perfect spot for you first 1-8 photos. (I.e a tree with nice coloring, sparkling snow, sunlight shinning down-you chose!)

-Use your imagination for posing! What are you trying to express in your shoot? You can have the modeler move around and you can snap while they do so. This ends up with creative, new poses.

-In wintertime, What little sunlight you have will be quite dim, casting a grayish color to your photos. To brighten them, you can upload your photos to your iPhone or iPad using a camera connect app. (I have a Canon camera, so I used Canon Camera Connect. Canon Camera Connect by Canon Inc.) once the photo is uploaded to your device, go to your gallery and select “edit”.  Select the sun-Looking icon and select “light” from there you can brighten or dim the photo. You can also use the PhotoRus app and use clear eye” in makeup to go around your photo and higlight details on the photo.

Tip: send the phot to a friend (etc) and ask them if the photo is too light

-When you are done, come back inside to warm up and edit your photos- have fun adding filters, airbrushing the face (i.e), cropping and adding objects and backgrounds. Just remember to keep the picture looking real and not over-edited or fake! 

My favorite apps for editing:


-YouCam makeup




-1987 filters



-adobe photoshop

You can chose for all your modelers to match in outfit and even poses
Think of your souroundings at different angles!
If you read my other blog on PhotoRus, you can use the “cleareye” to add a frosted look to the model’s face to match the cold winter feel.
Trees, in my opinion, are the abstalute best props!
You can use PhotoBlur to change your backgrounds. Makes the photo more interesting sometimes. 🙂